Page Five Ghoul


This week, we take a trip to the Emerald Isle to meet this week’s ghoul, the pooka. Or puca or phouka or phooka or puka; it’s Irish. Over in Wales, where at some point in their history they suffered through a vowel famine, it’s referred to as pwca.

In France, where they use way more letters than they have any intention of using, it’s called a pouquelée. This Tullamore Dew hallucination often takes the form of a hare, though on occasion that of a horse or goat (next week, no shape shifters, pinky swear), but always black. By turns, it can be malevolent or benevolent, which presumably depends, like most mythological creatures, on how much you kiss it’s ass.

One tale tells of farmer for whom the pooka would do general yard work until he gifted it with a silk suit, after which it fucked off. Also known to be excellent chefs.

  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: know the drill (pinky swear!)
  • Favorite holiday: Samhain (fuck yeah)
  • Favorite Actor: Jimmy Stewart