A Message From Mort

Greetings, doomed monkeys! It’s your old uncle Mort, back with another whizzbang edition of the Saturday Evening Ghost!

Six weeks, kids! We don’t know when to quit!

This week we have the next installment of Mo Mummies, Mo Problems. Do you think TJ will ever find the dirty rat what swapped his thumbs?

We also have another episode of Crescent City Creeps, a special message from the Rutland, Vermont branch of the Girl Scouts of America and our intrepid wandering intern finds himself in the Great Lakes. Hope he brought his waders!

And as always our resident self help guru Hugo is here to give ya’ the straight talk. Oh, I almost forgot! (and we did forget, our sincerest apologies to fans of Jimmy Jam who tuned in last week to a notable lack of Jimmy. -ed.) A thrilling yarn for the little ones featuring Jimmy Jam! Have fun and until next week; cyanocobalamin!