Page Five Ghoul


Departing from our friend Ogopogo and descending the latitudes from British Columbia, we enter the vast Sasquatch sanctuary known as the Pacific Northwest. Since the Sasquatches were relocated offworld, we instead turn west to the Great Lakes region where we find Bigfoot’s cannibalistic, mountain cousin, the wendigo. Wendigos, (wendigoes? wendigi?) are not only cannibals, their so cannibal, there’s a psychiatric term named after them.

Wendigo psychosis is the name given to a condition wherein one practices cannibalism (nobody is good at it at first), or has phobia that one is becoming a cannibal, because, of course, one would have no control over that. Sometimes the term is used for environmental destruction and voracious greed. So they get political too.

According to Algonquin folklore the Wendigo used to start sniffing around inflicting folks with its psychosis during times of famine. Humans aren’t great with the correlation/causality thing.

The appearance of this ravenous beast has been reported to rate somewhere between Romero and Nicotero on the Winston Monster Index.

Eh. Close enough