Page Five Ghoul


This week I traveled to the socialist enclave known as New Jersey to introduce you to the Jersey Devil. However, I got drunk and woke up in a Czech prison. After escaping in a laundry basket, just like Lux Luthor, I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to visit Czech boogeyman, Bubak.

In the days before Adderall or Ritalin, disinterested parents could keep their children from acting like children using scare tactics involving monsters because kids are gullible as fuck. It's analogous to the boogeyman or the Germanic Krampus, but with the metal factor turned to eleven.

Depicted as a Scarecrow, this proto-Batman villain would make sounds like a distressed infant, apparently to lure ovulating women to their doom and weave their victims souls into clothing. It also boasts the sweetest whip in monsterdom this side of Dragula, and a cart drawn by a team of black cats. Fearsome indeed is a creature with that level of organizational skills.

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