Page Five Ghoul

Last week I woke up in a Czech prison. This week, due to some botched paperwork, the Czech Republic deported me to Australia. Free air fare! How's that for demonstrating greater financial responsibility, Mr. Myrrh?Since I found myself in the land of constant death down under, I decided to see if I could ferret out a particular Aboriginal nature spirit, known as a mimi. I traveled to the north of Australia to an Aboriginal region known as Arnhem Land.

I had heard these little buggers lived in the cracks and crevices of rocks and caves, so I started poking around. I was met with long slender beings that began mercilessly beating me with tennis rackets. Some of the more affluent preferred badminton. After a kindly Aboriginal man negotiated my release, he told me that the mimi had taught his people how to hunt, cook and paint. Before the arrival of humans to the island, the mimi had human forms themselves.

However, after the arrival of the first human to Australia, they felt that was getting played out and adopted their present stick like form. The problem is this left them open to being snapped in the wind like twigs so they took up lodging in whatever rocky cracks they could find. And as I discovered, rude tourists can get quite a beat down if they approach them sideways.