Message From the Editor

Greetings, doomed monkeys. It's your old pal, Mort and boy are you lucky! Wanna know why? Because you can tell your friends you have a skeleton for a pal!

This week's issue is the cat's meow with the ever popular Wizard on Whizzin back to walk you through a most sacred ritual. Bring smokes! As an added bonus, A. Wizard left us a sample of his new podcast, 'Wizard on Whizzin: Sounds Only Edition.' And on top of all that, a bonus episode! This one is squeaky clean, scout's honor! One of our sponsors cordially invites you to their Annual St. Patty's Day no-limit leprechaun hunt. I think I heard somewhere that leprechauns are attracted to the smell of wyvern urine.

Grab your rail pass and catch the train for episode three of 'Psamurai.' And if that's not enough, we have the harrowing adventure of Vincent Harris in 'The Ruiner.' And what may be the last Page Five Ghoul; we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, it couldn't hurt to field some resumes from applicants interested in a possible vacancy in the intern program. Until next time, Lepidoptera!