Page Five Ghoul


Last week, after I filed my report on the nian, I decided to stretch my legs and do a little walking tour of Hong Kong, but I noticed I was being shadowed. You figure a guy who’s been up 72 straight hours on the best crystal of his life could wander through Shenzhen and buy 300,000 LEDs if he wanted to. Not there I guess. So, with CCR on shuffle, a handful of yellowjackets and deadline in a week, I ran through the jungle. By the time the jackets and the crystal wore off I was in Thailand, which is great because I have to meet a guy in Bangkok. Also great, for this week’s Page Five Ghoul.

In Thailand lives a spirit known as the Krasue. The Krasue takes the form of a young woman, whom by night her head detaches and flits about dangling her entrails behind. One origin tale tells us that the Krasue was once a princess who was betrothed to some bigwig, but had the hots for a soldier. One night, she and her soldier were caught in flagrante delicto and she was sentenced to be burned at the steak. Fortunately, they lived in an era before the all wizards were forced underground and to hide out as psychiatrists and bartenders. The princess asked a sorceress for a spell to keep her from harm. But it was a shitty spell and didn’t kick in until all that was left was her head and a few organs.

Another, more believable, legend tells us that it’s the spirit of a girl who was badly startled. Its eating habits consist of mainly blood, fetuses and placenta. In fact it has been known to hover around the homes of pregnant women and slip a proboscis into their wombs to get at the sweet, sweet baby meats within. What is its weakness, you may ask? Mobs of angry villagers. That’s old school.

 Krasue Mushroom