01 Mo' Mummies, Mo' Problems Pt 4 "Conclusion"


I arrived at Judy's office about ten minutes past when I would have been five minutes late.

"Sorry I'm late," I began but didn't finish.

"That's ok. Hey, listen - TJ?  You should know I'm not a thumbologist."  She confessed. She further explained: "No one is. It's a made-up field of medicine that I made up to spend some time with you."

"Huh. Are you sure?" I wasn't surprised. I was a little flattered. Seems there would have been easier ways for her to go about this. I didn't think I was worth the trouble of acquiring a lab coat. You learn something new about yourself every day on some days. I decided it wouldn't be in my best interest to ask too many questions right now.

"Yep! I'm pretty sure I know what I'm not." she said. "Just thought it’d be fun. Was it fun?"

"It sure was! I don't often get tricked and when I do it's never been delightful before." I replied.

"It's not like I'm all that normal either. Sometimes I'm a cat. An orange one mostly, but I can do tuxedo and calico too."

"You're lying." I knew she knew I wasn't lying and I wouldn't be surprised if she could also turn into a cat.

"Nope. I'll show you if you want. It's pretty easy to do." I said as I blushed.

"Maybe later." She said. I could tell she believed me. It was in her eyes. They had sparkles in them too. That was different though, and unrelated to what she was saying.

We talked for a while about things that weren't thumbs. It was nice.

She eventually suggested we go get something to eat instead of fake x-raying my thumbs again. I agreed. It seemed reasonable at the time. Dinner led to coffee, coffee led to a few drinks. Those drinks led us to my front door.

I suggested that she come in, and we could build a fire. "I'd even turn into a cat and curl up in your lap if you want. We can still talk that way." I said. I noticed then for the first time that we'd been holding hands for at least three blocks.

"Can you do the tuxedo kind? That's my favorite." That sparkle in her eye did a little dance. Eye sparkles were strange and rare things. I'd read about them but never had the pleasure of seeing them in action. It was easy to see why they were so highly regarded.

"Sure thing." I said while suppressing two smiles at once and unlocking my door.

The fire was spectacular. Nothing burns like mummies.