Message From The Editor

 Greetings, doomed monkeys! It’s good old Mort back at ya, with another humdinger of an issue.

This week, Boozeabus brings Zen Boozism into the light of day. It’s better late than never with Merwin the Psychic Pet Pet Psychic. I'm pleased to announce we’re launching a new feature, ‘The Community Corner.’ Our own little classified section to better service our fine readers. Also another, possibly controversial, episode of Wizard on Whizzin'.

We’re sponsored this week by our old friends down at the Women’s Pants Emporium where the prices aren’t the only thing they’re cutting.

Wolf and Luna find themselves on either end of a real mess in episode 4 of The Joneses. And finally, Stephanie discovers a whole lot in this week’s Page Five Ghoul. So have fun, kids! And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. Oh what the hell, go ahead, it’s the weekend. Until next time. Bromhidrosis!