Letter from the Editor

 Stand and deliver, Doomed Monkeys! This is your old Uncle Mort back with another rip roaring good time. Get wrapped up in an all new adventure of T.J. Washington. You know, you can tell a lot about a person by the type of heat they’re packing. Hugo Holmesnow is back with what can more or less be described as ‘advice’. And our gang down in the Crescent City reaches the thrilling conclusion in their Rasputin case. Does that guy ever learn? He was causing trouble back when I still had skin! This week’s sponsor has a fishy career opportunity to offer you. You’d be all wet not to take it! All that and a fractured Page Five Ghoul. Those crazy kids are having a dog of time getting along. This week is a sure cure for the morbs! So until next time, Esophageal!