Letter From The Editor

About face, Doomed Monkeys! It's Uncle Mort, here with your graduation present; a new week of the Saturday Evening Ghost! This time around we have the start of an all new adventure in Crescent City Creeps and the continuation of another in 'Hoodoo, Hoodone, Hoodid' featuring T.J. Washington. Hugo has rolled out of bed to lay another round serious wisdom on you, in this weeks Straight From the Fridge. Also, Gary and Stephanie go to France to keep tabs on everyone's favorite 48d10 nuisance in Page Five Ghouls. All this is brought to you by this week's sponsor, 8 Teen'z. The one stop shop for future cubicle farmers everywhere. So buckle up, kids, it's a wild one. And until next time, aphrodisiomaniacal!