Community Corner July 29th Edition

Lost connections

Me- Wi-Fi router. You- Internet signal from the cable company. When? Last night while streaming the season premier of Game of Boners. Please strengthen your signal and try to re-connect. The bald apes are growing restless.

Me- Your wife, you- my husband who left 6 years ago to get smokes and beer but never came back. FYI the dog died.

For Sale

Goat Children- We tried to combine baby goats and baby people in order to create a hopping, pajama wearing, wad of adorable cuteness that would save the world from itself. It didn't work out the way we thought it would. Long story short we have 32 semi-repulsive, somewhat humanoid, horned affronts to nature that need to be re-homed. 555-325-5445. Ask for Tom and/or Carol.

Glowing mystical statue of some kind of bird. I'm not gonna lie, it's creepin' me out. $10 or OBO.  Meet me under the bridge off 6th if you want to take a look at this thing.

Outdated worldview and used up opinions. I've recently read two books which radically altered and improved my life beyond measure and I need to get rid of my old thoughts in order to make room for the new ones. $5 555-325-5445 Carol (not Tom).

Professional Services

Newly Certified Aquatic Pet Maintenance Technician available now! I'll feed and amuse (but not take advantage of) your frog/fish/turtle while you're on vacation (or in jail). Ask for Lexi 555-956-8132

Professional Thing Toucher available for parties or quiet evenings. Get your thing touched for less!

Protect your thing from un-authorized touching with my Thing Protector Service.

Lowest price on Egyptian cotton. Squadron of fighter planes for rent. Milo 555-984-4744

Jobs Wanted /Jobs Available/Jobs Not Wanted

I don't want my job at the bubble gum factory anymore. You can have it. M-F 8-6. Just show up and tell them you're Larry now.

Call tomorrow, Start today!- Time travel opportunity is or will be soon available in your area. Don't miss out. Corner of Last St. & Chance Ave.

GST 436 seeks experienced bounty hunter. Must be familiar with Fairy law. Inquire at St. Cyprian Church M-F 7-9 p.m.

Not Wanted- Job as short order cook.

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