Letter From the Editor

Look who's back, Doomed Monkeys. Good old Uncle Mort here, with this week's round up. This time T.J. Washington is back with his continuing, red-hot, mummy adventure. Hugo is here with a colorful, new 'Straight from the Fridge'. The gang down in the Crescent City don't stand a ghost of a chance in this month's Crescent City Creeps. And our crazy Page Five Ghouls are taking a look at what happens when monsters retire. Hey, kids, did you ever wonder what the inner workings of a fine publication, such as this, was like? You won't after reading the transcripts of the unfortunate SEG Staff Tweet-Off. Warts and all, this week, are brought to you by Blandley's, where you have two choices; take it or leave it! So until next time, semiautobiographical!