The Saturday Morning Ghost

Every once in a while the month is kind enough to give us five Saturdays. When that happens, the gang at the SEG likes to do something. Something called The Saturday Morning Ghost.

We realize that some of the content here at SEG is a little too much for the little ones. That's where the "Saturday Morning Ghost"- an occasional supplement geared towards our younger readers steps in to save the day.

We hope you enjoy these puzzles and amusements as much as we do!

The Adventures of Li'l Mortimer

Connect The Dotz

Crossword Puzzle

A Word From Our Sponsor

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Word Scramble

Monster Riddles and Jokes

Uncle Rev. Dr. Hugo's Affirmations For Those Under The Age of 18

Uncle Rev. Dr. Hugo's Maze of Life

Answers (to the puzzles, not to all life's problems)