Letter From the Editor August 26, 2017

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys! Can you believe it,  kids? Summer is almost over! Time for the little monsters to go back to school. School is letting out around here though, as B.F. Smith wraps up his Primer on Zen Boozism. A. Wizard is here with a new episode of the Wizard on Whizzin: Sound Only podcast. He's also brought along a Hugo Holmesnow sonic blast of wisdom- I bet you all were hoping for one of those! The Joneses turn back the clock in this month's displacing episode. Watch where you step, friends! Merwin is slinking around with this month's Mystical Merwin. That and the Page Five Ghouls seem like they're trying to make a point. Until next week, kids: Aktiengesellschaft!