Wizard on Whizzin' Sound Only Edition Episode 7


This time on WOW SOE I talk to Star Mistress Stella, the astrologer for the SEG. She's a cat!
B.F. Smith and Electric Holepunch dropped off another song, "What's in Your Pockets?"
T. Volpone reads chapter two of Hugo Holmesnow's classic "What's Wrong With You?"
A. Witch and I play crubbige, which is like cribbage except when it's not.
Oh and Gary Keeps calling people...

Music by: Ben Zoodu

What's in Your Pockets by B. F. Smith and Keithy G.

This episode sponsored by Lig-a-Neko-Waffer-Mintz-Gum, which is made by 8Teenz.

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