Letter From the Editor - October 21st, 2017

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys, it's good old Uncle Mort back with another bag full of fun. This time out we have the Ruiner getting himself into a whole new world of trouble in 'All Things Considered'. What's the next adventure, 'This American Life'? Then we drop in on the Psamurai crew as they pursue a shifty fellow. Ed Danvers is still on the case in 'Sins of the Father: Part 3'.  Lunch is on A. Wizard this time, with 'Wizard on Whizzin' and then the Page Five Ghouls get to the heart of the matter. All this is brought to you by Smellman's who have an offering they feel is aged to perfection. Just like yours truly! Enjoy, kids and don't forget to come back next week. It's Halloween, after all! Honorificabilitudinitatibus!