Letter From the Editor

Greetings , Doomed Monkeys! Old Uncle Mort back, yet again, with another Saturday Evening Ghost. This week T.J. Washington is back with the part two of 'B is for Basement'. Speaking of part two, Ed Danvers is back on the case in 'Sins of the Father'. We just can't enough detectives this week as the Crescent City Creeps swing by with an installment that will really grow on you. And the Page Five Ghouls are here to fill you in on an old favorite. All this is brought to you by Books and Balls, a new reading club for men. I mean, after you've exhausted all the Tom Clancy and Jack Reacher stuff, what are you guys gonna do? Oh and Hugo submitted something this week. Between you and me, I don't think the proofreader has read this one. So have fun kids, and don't worry you can't break anything. See ya next week, neboken ja neyo.