The Saturday Morning Ghost Bonus Creepy Edition

Hello, children and the child-like. Halloween is in a few days. You know what that means, right? It means a special bonus edition of the Saturday Morning Ghost! That's right, put on your safety helmets and dive right into these extra spooky puzzles, games, and distractions!

The Adventures of Lil' Mortimer

Connect the Dots

Girl Scout Troop 436: Special Announcement

Hidden Object Game

Can you find:
A Needle
A Witch Cat
Your Mom's Best Friend
Your Dad's Favorite Thing In Life
A Creepy Guy Holding A Head?

Monster Jokes

Q.What's Funnier then these Monster Jokes?
A. Everything

A Word From Our Sponsors

Scary Real Fortune Telling Halloween Word Scramble

Do you ever wonder what you'll be when you grow up? Find out by un-scrambling the words below:

That's enough for now! Time to go get some candy!