Letter From the Editor - November 25th, 2017

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys. Your good, old Uncle Mort is back with another rousing edition of The Saturday Evening Ghost. This week BF Smith pulls up a seat at the table and discusses the Alchemical underpinnings of Thanksgiving. He won't tell you why turkey knocks you on your rear, though. Merwyn seems cranky this week in Mystical Merwyn: Psychic Pet, Pet Psychic. The Joneses run into an old friend, yet again in The Joneses #11. A. Wizard is back with his monthly podcast, Wizard on Whizzin: Sound Only Edition, where he interviews someone with an oddly familiar name. And the Page Five Ghouls make some breakthroughs in their search for Alwyn Morgan. All this is brought to you by, our new sponsor, a new online school that will really grow on you. So that's the haul for this week, boys and girls. Until next time, pertanggungjawaban!