Letter From The Editor - November 4th, 2017

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys. It's your old pal Mort. How was your Halloween? You gotta be down to the Almond Joys by now. Well, I'm back again, with piping hot batch of the Saturday Evening Ghost! It's the first of the month, so that means Stella's back and she's dropped a headless mouse of astrological goodness on your doorstep, with the Stellar Forecast for November. The gang needs a little convincing in this month's Ray. Enjoy some casual profanity with Jimmy and Sally in 'The Rude Awakening, Part 5'. And the Page Five Ghouls get heavy on the exposition, then abuse their editorial privileges. All this brought to you by our new sponsor, House of Mancakes, that we at SEG feel is ideally located to be a smashing success.