The Alchemical Underpinnings of Christmas As They Pertain To The Way OfThe Path Of The Booze Wizard

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Zen Boozeism,

As you must know by now, Thanksgiving is a pretty tough nut to crack when it comes to extracting Alchemical underpinnings. Thankfully, the symbolism of Christmas is rife with Alchemical overtones, so we shouldn't have too much of a problem this time.

Christmas (or Yule, or Solstice, or whatever you happen to call it-)  takes place around the time of the year where just for a day, there are equal amounts daylight and night time. The significance of this should be obvious to all Booze Wizards. Equality and balance are the treasures one acquires by studying an esoteric path. Whether or not one is speaking of balancing emotions and logic, thoughts and reality, or bringing about an internal stasis of any sort the concept of balance is, or should be at the top of every wizard's list.

The Winter Solstice, which happens around Christmas, is a perfect day to set aside some time to balance one's inner checkbook. Are you allowing your soft side to hold your hard side? Is your hard side supporting your soft side? It's difficult to tell unless you take a look within.

An issue of balance particular to the booze wizard is in regards to how much one should drink. This is a good question and the answer is different for everyone, but there are a few guidelines. A Booze Wizard will usually come to understand at some point or another that too much booze is just as much of a drag as too little. Unfortunately, there is not an exact ingestion limit that fits all those who walk the Path Of The Way Of The Booze Wizard. You'll just have to figure it out on your own. Try to stay mildly intoxicated, but stop when the urge to say stupid things arises. Performing the ritual of drinking on the Winter Solstice while thinking about internal balance is a good way to find your limits. All the instructions for the ritual are in the title, sometimes it's easy like that.

Don't Ask.

Aside from being a day of balance, the Solstice marks the beginning of the end for Old Man Winter. From this point on, days get longer and warmer, the beers get lighter in color and octane, and nature slowly thaws out from her deep freeze and slowly begins the waking phase. The shrinking influence of darkness is surely something to raise a glass to. It might be a good time to ponder how you, personally, can use what you have learned about yourself earlier in the year through you Booze Wizzin' Practices to decrease the darkness within and around you. By darkness, I mean physical darkness which can be diminished with electric lights, interior darkness which can be banished with self-honesty and attention, and exterior people-darkness which can be defeated with kindness and tongue biting.

The whole Nativity thing is damn near bursting with Alchemical overtones, but there isn't much in there for a Booze Wizard. The symbolism of the Navitiy is more to the liking of Non-Booze Wizards, namely the traditional alchemists. So we'll end our study of the the Alchemical underpinnings of Christmas as they pertain to the way of the path of the Booze Wizard here before the eggnog runs out.

What ever you call this time of year, may it find you as lit as an X-Mas tree and as baked as a fancy holiday cake.

As Always I Remain,
B.F. Smith, Alchemist of the Blues.

B. F. Smith (photo unavailable), also known as "The Alchemist of the Blues", is a time traveling Bluesman/Alchemist and founder of "Zen Boozism- The Path of the Booze Wizard." When he's not investigating chrono-anomalies or having the blues, he runs a mail order mystery school which mails out mysteries to those enrolled and then schools them.