Letter From The Editor - Feb 24th, 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys, it's Uncle Mort here with another week of met deadlines at the Saturday Evening Ghost. This week we got a humdinger as always. The Joneses are back in their own time and running up against some folks who didn't much care for their time traveling shenanigans. Then B.F. Smith drops in with another round of top shelf wisdom in his latest lesson in Zen Boozism. Mystical Merwin saunters through the room doling out the best feline psychic advise one can get for free on the Internet, before finding a sunny spot and sleeping for 3 hours. The Weekly Column About Monsters duo have a guest contributor this week in an effort to fulfill their contractual obligations. And A. Wiz droped off another episode of the SEG podcast. All this is brought to you by our sponsor, The Ladies Everything Warehouse, who edged out the competition, Women's Pants Emporium and Ladies Bottom Outlet, leaving us with a net loss of one sponsor. Not sure we got the good end of the stick here. Well, anyway, have a great time kids and until next week, tidak-mempertanggungjawabkannyalah!