Letter From the Editor - March 17th, 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys! It's your trusty friend Uncle Mort back with another blast of batshit goodness. This week Vincent Harris is back with his continuing cautionary tale about not getting caught. It has 'boob' in the title so that's sure to rack up the clicks. The Menagerie is back this week and finding themselves looking into a fun house mirror in Psamurai #15. A. Wizard is taking a break from bilking middle-aged single people out of their money on the Internet to bring you another Wizard on Whizzin. The Weekly Column About Monsters fell prey to bad time management at the bar last night and missed their deadline. But I'll let it slide. Mulligan! See I'm a nice skeleton. All this is brought to you by everyone's favorite Irish Sports Bar boasting the only live Leprechaun in captivity, O'Snapps. And Hugo found a way to draw attention to himself on an off week. That's it kids! Like it or lump it! Honorificabilitudinitatibus!