Letter From The Editor - March 24th, 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys! It's your old pal Uncle Mort back with another edition of the Saturday Evening Ghost. This week Merwin is here. He's always here. He lives behind the fridge. It's warm back there. But this is one day a month he answers your e-mails. That's right. You, the reader, can get your questions answered, in print, within at least six months, by a psychic cat. BF Smith is here to sing you another verse of the Seven Bars of the Soul. The Joneses are back and getting framed in The Joneses #15. A. Wizard has dropped off another crazy sound file of rumination on Wizard on Whizzin': Sound only Edition. And finally a guest columnist that I've never met before is filling in on The Weekly Column About Monsters. All this is brought to you by...Hugo. Look, do your old pal Mort a favor and buy some of this guy's crap so we don't have to hear from him every week. See you next week, kids. And until next time, Grianghrafad√≥ireachta!