Letter From The Editor - March 31, 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys! Old Uncle Mort here with another release of The Saturday Evening Ghost into the wild. We stand here on the threshold of the most holy of days; the fifth Saturday in the month. Because much of the staff is either drunk or missing in another dimension on fifth Saturdays, we like to do something special. Which really just means run filler and float pilots. What would a fifth Saturday be without the Saturday Morning Ghost; a safe place to drop your kids while you go get drink. This week we're running a new Virgil St. Frankenstein creations; Corpse Guy episodes #1 and #2. He needed a little time to catch up. This modest selection is brought to you by Hugo again. One more ad and think he's flat broke so do him a favor and pretend to fall for his e-mail scam. We'll be back next week back with everyone back in the proper dimensions. Until then,  fylkestrafikksikkerhetsutvalgssekretariatslederfunksjonene!