Letter From The Editor - April 28th, 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys. Uncle Mort comin' at ya with this week's batch of rubber biscuits fresh from yesterday's oven. A centuries old rivalry turns out to be at the heart of the Joneses' latest problems in The Joneses #16. B.F. Smith is here to pour some whiskey in your cornflakes with his latest lesson from the Seven Bars of the Soul, Part 3. Merwin takes a break from licking himself in the window to bring you this month's Mystical Merwin: Pet Psychic/Psychic Pet. A. Wizard dropped off the latest episode of his podcast, Wizard on Whizzin. All this brought to you by our new sponsor here to protect your bits from your underwear. So that's that, ya little varmints. Now scram! See ya next week.