B.F. Smith, Alchemist Of The Blues: The Seven Bars Of The Soul Lesson Four

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Zen Boozeism, 

As promised, this lesson is all about the First Bar Of The Soul, which we named "Morty's". Let's start by taking a look at what we already learned about Bar One:

The First Bar Of The Soul (A Re-Cap):

The first bar of the soul is located in your nether region's nether region at the very base of your spine. I'm talking about the perineum, more commonly referred to as the taint. Let's call it "Morty's". It's a real basic shot and a beer type bar. The patrons here need to drink, they need to win that scratch off, they need to order those onion rings. What they want doesn't matter. Needs are more important.

The bartender is concerned with your ability to survive and maybe, depending, reproduce. It's all about staying alive in this place, creature comforts come later.

Associated Booze: Bottom shelf anything, fortified wine, cheap beer.
Color: Red 

So that's that, as far as re-capping goes. We'll start capping now, if you don't mind:

If you haven't noticed yet, the color scheme of the Seven Bars is the same as the ROY-G-BIV order commonly found in rainbows. The themes and areas of influence of the Bars follow Maslow's Hierarchy. It's good for you to know where this stuff is coming from. Everything comes from something, that's for damn sure. If you want to get the most out of Booze Whizzin', or anything else for that matter, is best to get down to the root of the matter and learn something about its origins. 

Speaking of roots, The First Bar Of The Soul is often called "the root chakra" by non-Booze Wizards. See how it all comes together? 

Now, we discussed a little bit about how to take the knowledge of what we know about The Seven Bars and combine that with a method of booze consumption and use that to blast off and visit the inner bars of the soul in order to increase our self-knowledge, but did you know that knowing about The Seven Bars while sober confers at least several benefits to the aspiring and accomplished Booze Wizard alike?

I can hear you now, thinking "Wait, being sober is an important part of being a Booze Wizard?" A fair question. The answer is a resounding yes. Years ago the answer to that question was a just a sounding yes, but it happened again and the name was updated to reflect this. Things change, no getting around that. 

Being sober is an important part of Booze Whizzin'. Why, if it weren't for sobriety, how would we know when we were drunk? 

Being sober is indispensable for the simple fact that if one was always drunk, being drunk would become the baseline state of being, or being sober. 

That's What We're Going' For Around Here

True Booze Whizzin' lies in between the states of drunk and sober. A Booze Wizard is a vigilant watcher of all their thoughts, not just the ones they can remember. 

That being said, here is one example of how the knowledge of the first bar can be used while sober:

The First Bar is a place of needs, not wants. It's about staying alive, being safe, and having a solid base from which to launch your plans to fulfill your desires. 

What's that got to do with you? Take a look around yourself and see. Don't just look, that ain't' gonna work. You gotta see. See what's inside of you, see what's outside of you, see how they are the same damn thing. Can you see that? Keep looking until you can.

Are you meeting the basic needs of your body? For example, do you live inside? Are you eating every day? Can you float the bills without any terrible calamities transpiring? Do you feel safe? Cared for? Are their other people in your life that make you happy? 

These are all the things governed by the First Bar. If you answered "No" to any of the above questions, you have some work to do before moving on to the other bars. It's bad policy to build upon a shoddy foundation. That's what we're doing here, taking stock of one's foundation. It's an important part of your work, so try not to neglect it any more than necessary. 

Take some time and think about your basic needs, write them down all you want but for god's sake don't go around talking out loud to other folks about it. People have their own problems and probably won't find your attempts at bettering yourself interesting. 

That's all you need to be aware of this lesson. Don't be fooled by the seemingly simple nature of this practice. You'll figure it out as you get into it and start splashing around. 

Oh, by the way, in the future will be referring to sober work as Solar Work, the reason for this will be revealed in a later lesson, but don't hold your breath waiting for it. It's not that exciting. 

I know I've had enough for now and I'm going to assume you're feeling similar. That'll be all for now. 

Yours in Zen Boozism, 
B.F. Smith
Alchemist Of The Blues

B. F. Smith (photo unavailable), also known as "The Alchemist of the Blues", is a time-traveling Bluesman/Alchemist and founder of "Zen Boozism- The Path of the Booze Wizard." When he's not investigating chrono-anomalies or having the blues, he runs a mail order mystery school which mails out mysteries to those enrolled and then schools them.