Letter From The Editor May 12, 2018

Greetings Doomed Monkeys!
It's Ol' Unkie Mort here with some good old fashioned bad news! That's right, we here at the SEG have been enduring catastrophic events like most people gobble down peanuts and as a result everyone has missed their deadlines. There's no T.J. this week, T. Volpone went out drinking with Gary and lost his glasses and his pride in a bar fight. Don't worry, T.J. will be back next month with a brand new story "Fool Moon". We think it's about werewolves. 
Hugo, who got arrested for jaywalking and insisted on being his own lawyer, won't be here either. He's doing 30 days for contempt of court and will be back as soon as he's on the outside again. 
I hope you haven't been holding your breath for the new Crescent City Creeps because it's going to be a week late. Virgil had to do some round-the-clock Uber eats deliveries to pay off some gambling debts. Go 76ers! 
We don't even have an ad this week, A. Wizard had to go to outer space to check on an alleged cat rescue explosion instead of tricking convincing a local business to rent some page space. Next week will be better, that's a promise. If you can't trust a promise from a skeleton, I feel sorry for you. See ya' then!! Frankenwolfmandraculasteinmummious!!