Letter From the Editor - May 19th, 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys!. It's Uncle Mort with another week of the Saturday Evening Ghost. Let's pretend nothing happened last week. That's the deal we made around here. This week the Crescent City Creeps are here making up for last week, because we don't want to get our legs broken. Things have gone to the dogs in CCC #17 - Full Moon Fever. Psamurai is here as well with a new one. Problems are multiplying for the gang in Psamurai #17 - The Kids Are Alright. A. Wizard has recovered from a another hangover. None of  us thought he would make it, but he's here with another Wizard on Whizzin'. All this is brought to you by our new sponsor Armored Hot Dogs. Children should be challenged at meal time because the sure aren't anywhere else. That's all kids. And remember: Whether you think you're a lycanthrope or a lycan'thrope, you're right.