Letter From The Editor - May 26, 2018

Greetings, Dooming Monkeys! Uncle Mort here throwin' another fine edition of the Saturday Evening Ghost your way. This week B.F. Smith brings you another lesson in the Seven Bars of the Soul. Mystical Merwin saunters through long enough to drop off is latest edition of Psychic Pet/Pet Psychic and give the break room a dull, unpleasant odor. A. Wizard is here with not another episode of  Wizard on Whizzin. And this week the Joneses run into an old family friend who isn't quite the same in the Joneses #17. All this is brought to you by Lig-a-mintz. They're disgusting, but they pay the bills so get some! That's it for this week, kids. Until next time, may you only roll natural 20s.