Letter from the Editor - June 30th, 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys. Ready for another week? We weren't. The dog days of summer are here and with it...intense brain fog affecting most of the staff. I suppose I could have called in Gary or Stephanie to do a few articles, but the last time I talked to either of them they said the eerily the same thing; they'd use my bones to pick their teeth. I'll crack 'em, kids, don't you worry. Your favorite monster hunters will swallow their pride soon enough or my name isn't Mortimer T. Myrrh! Well, this month has brought us an extra Saturday, so that means the weird(er than usual) stuff. The Saturday Morning Ghost is in full gear, as always. So, you can park your kids there and slip on through behind the bead curtain and read yourself a faceful of Corpse Guy #3. I hope you remember what happened in #1 & 2! And yeah...that's it...I'm going to go pretend I can still get drunk and not just make a puddle on the floor everytime I take a swig. This meager bounty is brought to by an outdated Girl Scout Troop ad. Does it seem like they're always having some kind of hunt? Crazy kids. See ya next time. Auf Wiedersehen!