Letter From The Editor July7, 2018

Heyya Kids!

Do you know who it is? Why it's me, your ol' Uncle Mort. We got lots of new stuff going on this week. First up, Stella is here with her monthly astrological forecast for July. She's off her meds again, so pay extra attention, she's tuned up and in on what's doing down and working out. A whole new Ray is here. He's drunk again, same old Ray, eh? Maybe next time, he'll get to that AA meeting.

Jimmy and Sally are back, we missed all the explosions and all that's left is sandwiches. Somedays you get the bear...

What else you might be asking? That should be enough, you greedy little SOBs. This week we're brought to you by Blandly's. Just because you have to eat doesn't mean you should enjoy it.

Until Next Week, stay cool.