The Seven Bars Of The Soul Lesson Six: The Third Bar Of The Soul

Dear Brothers and Sisters In Zen Boozism,

We're over the halfway mark for the Seven Bars Of The Soul course, what do you think of that? Seems like just yesterday we were just getting started, now you've journeyed through two of your internal bars and are about to visit the third. That's no small feat. It's also not really a good reason to throw yourself a party or award yourself a trophy either. There's a long way to go, but if you've been putting in the work you're off to a good start. Well, there's no real reason to dilly-dally any longer, let's get going by going over what we already know about the Third Bar Of The Soul:

The Third Bar Of The Soul

We'll find this joint right around the Solar Plexus, at the bottom of the breastplate. It's a bit different than the first two dives. The patrons in the bar are concerned with who and what they are. Status is big here. Real big. We'll call it "BOOMS!" This is the place to go and think about what influences you've allowed to define you. What do you identify with? Who are you? Those are the types of things the regulars enjoy discussing.

The bartenders here have a tendency to ham it up and show off a bit. It's because they love their jobs and enjoy a solid sense of self, not because they're jerks. They also tend to be excellent listeners and dispensers of advice.

Associated Booze: Any of the Clears, Boozed up coffee.

Color: Yellow

Alchemical Phase: Separation

The whole point of any kind of occult work is to shed your social and environmental conditioning, to resolve your traumas, dissolve your fears, and gain a perspective on your behavior that allows you to be honest, yet gentle with yourself in order to transcend your old self and become who you truly are- a tiny bit of divinity, a spark of the creator's flame. This is the theme of the Third Bar- finding out who you are and celebrating that. Not in an egotistical manner or fashion, just an honest one. False humility is just as dangerous to the seeker as unearned pride. This is a place of accurate assessments, not self-inflating jib jab nonsense or self depreciative self-sass.

The alchemical phase of separation is concerned with figuring out who you are by realizing what you are not. In the second bar (or alchemical phase) we are invited to try anything and everything that brings us joy or makes us curious.

In the Third Bar, we are charged with the work of figuring out which of the second bar experiences, feelings, and concepts that were explored are truly parts of yourself and which ones were stepping stones or just something that happened one night. In other words, what defines you?

This is the place to think about who you are and why are you that way. Why do you not like some foods? What makes your favorite drink your favorite drink? What type of person are you attracted to? Why? How does your appearance affect your reality? Those are just some of the things you're going to have to figure out before moving on to the Forth Bar, where you'll be asked to deal with your feelings, especially the repressed ones. Let's not rush there, for now, we're in the Third Bar still. Let's be where we are for once.

That's just about all you need to know about the third Bar Of The Soul, the rest you'll have to teach yourself. Follow the same rituals you used to explore the First and Second Bars and there's no doubt you'll be just fine or slightly better than that for your efforts.

We'll meet back here in a month. Good luck.

Yours In Zen Boozism,
B.F. Smith
Alchemist Of The Blues

B. F. Smith (photo unavailable), also known as “The Alchemist of the Blues”, is a time traveling Bluesman/Alchemist and founder of “Zen Boozism- The Path of the Booze Wizard.” When he’s not investigating chrono-anomalies or having the blues, he runs a mail order mystery school which mails out mysteries to those enrolled and then schools them.