A Letter From The Editor August 4, 2018

Well kids, here we are again. It's Saturday, again. It's still summer, but not the good part of summer. That's gone forever. Well, not forever. Time travel is bound to be possible at some point, maybe you'll get lucky. I for one, can't wait to go zipping back and forth on the timeline, maybe someone from the past will dig this rag.

New Stuff you say? We Got a new Ray. This time there is a jailbreak. There 's more too. That should be enough to get you through the door. Stella is here. She went the extra mile both literally and literally for this month's horoscopes, so read 'em twice. Make her feel good. Jimmy Jam and Sally Slam actually appear in their own serial this month. Something about a birthday party again? Those kids...

Our sponsor this time is 'Women's Pants Emporium", we know they closed down but we had their card number on file still and decided to charge them one more time, just to see if we could.

It's almost time for my ice cream cone.

Until next week, Gazeebagoony!