Letter From The Editor - August 11, 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys! It's ole Uncle Mort here with another sack stuffed with things I was taking down to the Goodwill...and new SEG! This week Virgil St. Frankenstein outdoes himself by missing a deadline but handing in two things I didn't ask for. I can't get mad at him. It sucks being a wizard. So, in lieu of an on-time Crescent City Creeps, you're getting a tale about a guy who gets superpowers that roughly approximate that of being a vampire and an old friend gets a biopic. Better known as 'Duke Dracula' and 'Young Sophie Learns the Game', respectively. The Creeps should be along, though, sometime during the week. Hugo is here this week, also something I didn't ask for, with this month's 'Straight from the Fridge.' T.J. Washington is nothing to sneeze at in 'Full Moon (Hay) Fever, Part 2. All in all, not a complete disaster. See ya next week!