A Letter From The Editor September 8, 2018

Hey Kids!

Saturday is here and with is a whole new bunch of stuff. This time the Crescent City Creeps are up to the usual lunacy.

Hugo's pissed for some reason. He was stomping around the office yelling at Stella about frame rates. Instead of a column he handed in a video and a podcast.

There's no T.J. Washington this week. T. Volpone was too busy making e-books. What kind of e-books? Free e-books for you! Why would he do that? We don't know why. All you need to know is that once a SEG story wraps itself up, we shove it into a machine that makes them into ebooks for you to consume. When they come out of the machine we call them "SEG Completes" and it would be helpful if you did too. You'll find them in the SEG Gift Shop. There's about 14 to choose from now and another dozen coming this week, so check back often. If you really want to be slick, sign up for the email list and we'll send you a new SEG Complete every week until they run out and then as they become available.

This week, we have a special announcement: The SEG got knocked up in the backseat of Hermes' 66 La Dracula and gave birth to a brand new podcast. It's mostly hosted by T. Volpone and it's about all the voices inside of your head! SPOOKY! It's called "Dressed In The Dark" and the first episode appears on Oct. 13th, it's a Wednesday. There's some trailers and teasers, if you can tell the difference let us know. There's an office pool.

All This brought to you by O'Snapps, a great place to relax.

Until Next Week!