Letter From the Editor - September 15th, 2018

Greetings Doomed Monkeys, it's your pal Uncle Mort here with another sanity-threatening edition of the Saturday Evening Ghost. This week the Ruiner is Ruining everything in another ruining adventure of The Ruiner in The Ruiner: That American Life Part VI: The Gig is Up. Then A. Wizard tries to piece everything back together in a brand, spanking new episode of Wizard on Whizzin. The gang tries to wrap everything up so things can maybe make sense again in Psamurai #21. Finally, Corpse Guy walks again in Corpse Guy #4 where he battles a villain who's very presence ruins the plotline of another serial. All this is sponsored by us. SEG Completes Season Two is out and ready for you not to buy because its free. You like free stuff? Sure everybody does. That's it for this week, kids. Don't take any wooden nickels or rubber checks!