Brief vom Herausgeber - Oktober 6th, 2018

Hallo, Verdammte Affen, wie geht's! Oh, excuse me. I'm getting over a cold. Willkommen zurück in der Samstagabends Gespenst! Eine moment, bitte....

Okay, I'm back. I just had to blow the old schnozzola. This week we got a fine batch of things you'll wonder why anyone would think of. First up, we have the conclusion on Young Sophie Learns the Game. It also represents the first time Virgil finished a story in a reasonable number of issues. And it seems to make sense! Next, we have the editorially mandated kick off of a new story for Ray in Ray #22. Let's see if Virgil can keep off the bottle and on track. Then Stella peels her furry keester off the carpet to give you her Stellar Forecast for the month of October. One of the staff members dug up a mysterious eldrich object in the yard. I'm not naming names, but they have paws. The arcane object of indeterminate age presents you with a puzzle that foretells your future. We call it the SEG Oracle Puzzle because I'm not about to attempt to read the weird note it came with. Try it out. You won't be not disappointed. All this is brought to you today by the same questionable sponsor we had last week, except they somehow found a way to more questionable. That's it, Jungen und Mädchen! Genieße Oktober, Freunde.