Crescent City Creeps #21.5

The Thrilling Editorially Mandated Conclusion of That Whole Zombie Arc Thing

Editor's note ~

Dear Readers, it may be of interest to you to know that we’ve cut back on Virgil St. Frankenstein’s daily opium and snuff allowance and bought him a copy of Scrivener. Also, he's now no longer allowed to spend all day staring longingly at pictures of Moina Mathers. He's been instructed to 'get over it.' That pencil neck Macgregor won. In addition, we’ve insisted on an across the board soft reboot. Starting at episode 22, each serial should now be more compressed and follow what we’ve been told is called a ‘plot’. We’d hire a better writer, but they’d probably insist on being paid.
For those of you concerned about the fates our heroes and Ehrlich’s Necrobomb, they unplugged it.  As for the Nazi werewolves, they lost the war, just like the regular Nazis. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience.
From the desk of Uncle Mort - dictated, but like most things around here, not read.