Letter From the Editor - HALLOWEEN!!! 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys! The witching day is here. I've seen a lot of old friends popping up today. Today we brought Jimmy Jam and Sally Slam back to engage in some "Halloween: Special Ops". Cleaning up the streets for upstanding trick or treaters everywhere. A. Wizard withheld is podcast goodness on Saturday just so he could lay it on you today. He called me to do a special interview, but I smell a sandbagging afoot. I'll need to tread carefully. He's still not getting paid and if he keeps it up I'll make him start paying me. I'll it the 'Privilege of Writing for SEG' fee. Virgil said he'd give us a finally to Cadavers on Call. Instead, we got more taffy pulling, but least it seems to be on some kind of a track. Have fun, kids and don't eat too much candy! Who am I kidding? Eat all the candy!