Letter From the Editor - October 13th, 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys. Uncle Mort here with another rip-roaring offering to be burnt in honor of Saturn on his day. This week we have a new Cadavers on Call and the guys are getting a return on their nosey investment. Crescent City Creeps ungracefully ends one story and gets right into another. Looks like someone forgot to keep track of grandma. TJ Washington is back and it's nothing to sneeze at in 'Full Moon (Hay) Fever Pt.3.' And finally, Hugo continues to show up with another Straight From the Fridge. This week, why not call UberEats and get a pizza delivered from a place that has its own drivers so they can stand there and get the stinkeye for twenty minutes while the staff keeps pushing their order to the backburner as a form of passive aggressive retribution. Hardship builds character after all. That's it for this week kids. Enjoy!