Letter From The Editor - October 20th, 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys! It's Uncle Mort here with another dispatch from the caves of madness otherwise known as The Saturday Evening Ghost. Just one more weekend between us and the big day. Do you all know what you're going as? I'm just going as me because I'm already unsettling enough. In this week's edition, we have A. Wizard popping in through time and space to drop off a piping hot Wizard on Whizzin. Did you know he could travel through time and space? He maintains a constant time rate of sixty seconds a minute and traverses space as fast as his Gremlin will allow him. The Ruiner and Agent 34 is having the usual difficulties in explaining things to him. Virgil St. Frankenstein woke up between fever dreams to meet two deadlines this week. First, Psamurai is back with another installment where things are getting installed where they ought not to go. Second, the Cadavers on Call get a bad break. In Linc's case, several hundred bad breaks. All this brought to by the hottest new trend in getting your little carpet monkey to pipe the hell down from the folks down at 8Teenz. We'll be back next with more marginally entertaining tales that rate slightly higher than enduring crushing ennui. Until then, kids!