Letter From the Editor - December 1st, 2018

Greetings, Doomed Monkeys. Uncle Mort here with the first SEG for the last month of the last year of your life...maybe. Given probability, I'm bound to be right for at least one of you. This week is a short one. Everybody has looming vacation-itis. Stella always has looming vacation-itis. She's a housecat, her life is a vacation. But she still shows up to scratch the upholstery off the stars in this month's Stellar Forecast. Virgil St. Frankenstein dropped off this month's Ray. #24. You know what that means? He's been doing this for two years hasn't gotten any better. Thank Jeebus I don't pay these misfits. Finally, A. Wizard drops with a special excuse...announcement about the Wizard on Whizzin podcast. Aaaaaand, that's it. Have fun, kids and don't take any wooden legs!